HI-TECH is expanding throughout the entire state of NY. We have been focused in the tri-state area for almost 30 years and now feel it is a great time to expand our experience and expertise throughout the entire state with our top of the line sales team. We are one of many certified WBE companies with products currently on the HIRE Contract Award # 22872.

FIREFIGHTER Cancer Prevention

Fire departments nationwide are focusing on cancer prevention in response to studies showing firefighters contract cancer at higher rates than the population at large. Prevention, by cleaning our PPE, decontamination after a fire, and using wipes to clean off our face and neck area will help reduce Firefighter cancer risks. Hi-Tech Fire & Safety, Inc. is a proud supporter of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, firefightercancersupport.org. and we carry many products to help support proper Decon. For more information please read "12 Steps Firefighters Must Take to Protect Against Cancer" and "Cancer: A Potential Catastrophe for Firefighters".

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We serve more than 140 Fire Departments on Long Island, the FDNY and numerous departments in Connecticut and all of New York State.